July 23, 2004

23 July 2004

So much has happened since my last entry. Both Katie and Doris went to the Rainbow Bridge, within a week of each other, to join Hannah, George, and Abelard. I sure hope that Daddy likes cats since they are all entrusted to his care........hey, I'm getting older - I can be excentric! (If you are wondering about Sunny, I figure that he is happily with Grandpa.) Now I share my home with two little, sister felines, McCullough (tortese shell) and Louella (calico), and a precious, orange tabby who responds to "Leo." (You guessed it - "Catherine" was already taken.) The new three have eased the pain and loneliness that followed the expected death of Doris and the blindsidedly demise of Katie whom I thought was so robust.

Retirement from the Naval Reserve was a grand event that was made more memorable by the support of so many friends and family. The ceremony was impressive; the reception was elegant.........wish I could have enjojed more of it. It is interesting to note that I am receiving almost twice as much in retirement pay than I did when I was drilling. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me but who's arguing?

Graduation with my bachelor's degree passed in a haze. It was wonderful to have precious friends from both far and near, witness that milestone, capture it on video and help me celebrate that evening with a wonderful dinner at Picolo Mundo - a Hyde Park eatery that I haven't patronized nearly as much as I should.

Plans to depart Chicago are proceeding but at a snail's pace. It is overwhelming to try to coordinate everything that has to be done. It is still scary to move so far away with neither a job, nor the prospect of one, but perhaps leads to a greater sense of adventure.

A few weeks after Bryan's June birthday, he came to my house and I gave him the card that Mother had sent. After he opened it, and we admired its happy message, we decided to call Mother so that Bryan could properly express his appreciation for her thougthfulness. They talked for a while and then Bryan said, "There's just one thing about the card, Gramma. It says 'Wishing you a happy fifth birthday'." (Bryan celebrated his 23rd birthday on 28 June.) There was a pregnant silence...........and then, an audible gasp from Mother. "Oh no", Mother replied, "I sent you the birthday card for Jonathan!"

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