April 19, 2004

19 April 2004

I see the light at the end of the tunnel and, fortuitously, it does not appear to be that of an oncoming train.

I took my final, final examination last Tuesday and handed in the report from my practicum project on Wednesday. All requirements are in for my BHA. Also, last week, I was measured for cap and gown............and sat, or rather, stood for a graduation picture. It is free and I haven't received it yet.

Plans continue for the retirement ceremony............so many details have to come together on one perfect morning in June. Most of the participants are identified and the guest list is complete. I meet with the caterer on Saturday, 1 May and will hopefully have the program details all determined by mid-May.

Bryan has his orders for recruit training - he starts on Monday, the 3rd of May for 17 days with a Wednesday, the 19th, graduation. I'll try to get to his graduation.

I am overwhelmed, and deeply gratified, by the supportive response of family and friends as far as my celebratory weekend in June is concerned. Friends will be travelling from both the West (San Diego) and the East (Fairfax VA) and sorta of Mid/Southwest from AZ. I am looking forward to a funfilled, boisterously happy and totally non-stressed time. I have, however, heard that some are making book on the expected level of my stress.............some estimates are that it will be high!

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