January 21, 2009


A little after eight o'clock last night, while having a phone conversation with Margaret and pacing my apartment, I suddenly felt "wet" under my feet. Appalled, I initially thought that all three of my cats had decided to eschew the extremely clean cat box and piddle on my bathroom floor. Then, I noticed the rest of the bathroon. The toilet was full of very brown water....all the way to the rim. Then, someone living on a floor above me flushed her toilet. My toilet responded with a robust cascade of more brownish water onto the bathroom floor. The most amazing part was that, simultaneously, "something" brown and unfragrant, spewed from the overflow drain in my bathtub. Said bathtub had at least seven inches of sewage in it....and I have a big tub!

After notifying the front desk of my disaster, I waited for a call from the head engineer. I was not pleased with his response that was, basically, "wait until the morning." I asked those living above me not to flush. Apparently, some did not remember this request.

This AM, the plumber and Sam, the engineer, finally showed up at nine o'clock. They were loaded down with all sorts of plumbing equipment. The water vacuum was employed and buckets and buckets of "something" were scooped up and taken away.

Up came the toilet and down went the router. Multiple attempts were made to clear the blockage. Router tips were changed......the blockage did not budge. After some anxious moments, progress was announced and we all raced down to the basement to see what had been collected. The collection was not very significant - just some paper towel looking stuff - still we were all happy with the success of the exercise.

Upstairs, the toilet awaited. Rollo was speechless when, upon extracting the router from the bowels of our plumbing system, out came a sixteen ounce Gatorade plastic bottle!

The toilet was reinstalled.

I spent the rest of the morning doing my best to sanitize the bathroom. I contacted the insurance agency. I arranged for rugs to be picked up for thorough cleaning. I laundered with Simple Green and a bleach concoction almost every towel in my mismatched collection. Before coming in to work at two o'clock, I enjoyed a small glass of heated Courvoisier V.S.O.P that had been purchased expressly for Cynthia's upcoming visit. Cynthia, you'd better hurry!

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September 13, 2007