A Romantic Evening With My Mother

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When I toured the hospital, I was told about a new and exciting event the hospital plans for all new parents....a delicious, romantic Steak and Champagne dinner served with linens and china on a night of your choice after the birth of your baby (ies?). C & M were born on the morning of the 12th, and Mother couldn't get there that day, but arrived on the 13th. Sometime during the day, the nurse came to me and asked if I would like to be served the Romantic Dinner that evening. Barry wasn't there at the moment but I said "Sure, tonight would be fine." Barry and Mother arrived sometime in the early afternoon, Barry stayed for a while, but then left to go to the office. I told him about the dinner and he thought it sounded lovely and said he would be back to celebrate. Mother stayed with me all afternoon and, wouldn't you know that the nurse came to announce our Romantic Dinner. Barry was not there, so I called his office, but he was out. You may not remember but people didn't have cell phones 18 years ago, so I couldn't reach him to tell him he needed to hurry to the hospital for dinner. The dinner arrived with a bottle of champagne and, with Barry's absence, I invited Mother to share the Steak and Champagne dinner with me. She said, "Sure." So, they brought everything in, set my tray with linens and two steak dinners, set champagne glasses next to the plates, and left the bottle of champagne, set in ice. The server left and I helped Mother open the champagne. We were really giggling quite a bit because it was so absurd that we were have this wonderful, romantic dinner. Oh, what the heck! Anyway, we got the cork out of the bottle, and Mother picked up the first plastic champagne flute to begin pouring the champagne. I was watching as she began pouring and, as fast as the champagne was going in the top of the glass, it was also pouring out the bottom of the glass....in a crack in the plastic, ALL OVER OUR STEAK DINNER. Mother was so mesmerized by watching the bubbles flowing from the bottle, she did not notice ( or hear the patter of the liquid) that the champagne was coming out of the bottom of the glass. We had been giggling about the entire scene just seconds before this happened and I started laughing and pointing, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't communicate to Mother what was happening. So, she kept pouring. The more she poured and spilled, the more I laughed. Finally, she figured out the champagne was not being contained by the flute and she stopped pouring. The whole damn thing was hilarious and we reminisce about the Romantic Steak and Champagne Dinner every time we get together. The worst thing about the moment was that it made me laugh so hard, I was in so much pain from the C-Section, but I couldn't stop laughing because she kept pouring. (This was my payback from Mother for the "punch in the stomach" comment I gave her when I was three.)

Posted by Kathleen at March 2, 2003 12:28 PM | Printable Version

Just desserts, I'd say, Attila the Hon(ey)with Steak Dinners.

Posted by: Mathew on March 3, 2003 01:54 AM

That's a great story, and I bet Grama had something slightly blue to say when she realized you were letting her pour champagne all over the dinner. Sounds like she got you back but good.

I am glad that my husband didn't have to rush off to work that quickly! That must not have been much fun. We were very pleased to have Dale for three whole weeks after Jonathan was born before he had to show his face in the office again.

Posted by: Elizabeth on March 3, 2003 10:57 AM

The steak was lousy and the Potato wasn't done.
I was laughing too hard; I didn't use bad language and I think Kathleen was pouring the chamgagne. If I'm not mistaken -- that's all!
M, G/mgk

Mother, you were definitely pouring when the flute was leaking. I may have started pouring after we were given good glasses.

Posted by: Mother(Grama) on March 5, 2003 05:52 PM