A New Old Family Story

"Remember when" stories of the family

Today begins a story 30-years in the making ... "Take it away, Mother"___

My cup runneth over with two(2) afghans. The newest one from Rita, some years in the making and one, the titled one, a veritable antique, from Leah.
~^~ I am overjoyed with both of them. Leah's note that came with the afghan, which related that it took her 30-years to make reminded me of the two pillow cases which I started to make shortly after Marriage. One was marked 'HIS' and the other 'HERS', which was decortated in Italian cut work. I finished one in due time; by the time I finished the 2nd one ... the first one was in rags and already discarded. That ended my Italian Cut Work.
~^~Thank heavens neither one has fringe and I Thank both LeahRita and RitaLeah .. oh oh!
~^~I'll enjoy using both and reading comments from the principles and you, too. "That's all"
faithfully rendered by a son of mom

Posted by mgk at April 8, 2003 12:11 PM | Printable Version

I have said this more than once...the greatest form of flattery is imitation. Leah, mother very proudly showed me your afghan. For comedy reasons only, I replied; "that bitch". My effort was rewarded with a belly laugh from mother. Your afghan is very beautiful. We have made our mother very happy.

Posted by: rita (aka leahrita) on April 18, 2003 08:45 AM

"Fat Stitch?" might have been our Mother's comeback to what she had heard. Replying that she couldn't see it and liked it still the same would indeed have been said, if the other had.

Posted by: Matthew Karl on April 19, 2003 04:00 AM

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