Kitty Lou, Mardi Gras, and Black Singers

"Remember when" stories of the family

From an oral interview (Kitty Lou & Elizabeth) in January 2002:

Did you hear about the story where the two Timmys [Tim Karl and Tim Gavin] and Ann went to Mardi Gras? I don’t know who told me, but I don’t know what Ann was drinking, she was sitting on the curb, plastered, can you imagine her looking so angelic? She is such a doll. … When Kathleen and I guess Rita were there, I can’t remember if Margaret was or not, we stretched across the breadth of one street, we did the Cotton-eyed Joe.

And the next time we went, Matthew went with us, took a Santa Claus suit with us, he was the only dressed like Santa Claus, he had a lot of fun. Going there one time was enough, two times was too many. One time I went, some guy latched on to me, he was about 20 years younger than me, he kept calling me “Mom”. Oh, lord.

And then the first time I went, that was with Kathleen and a relative of Barry’s, his aunt and her boyfriend, and I think we were in the French Quarter, I guess everyone’s in the French Quarter, and there was a girl standing on one of the balconies, and somebody said, “Show us your [breasts]”, and she did, and someone took a picture of her, and it’s in my album. Then I’ve got a picture of me when a guy dressed like Charlie Chaplin, and there was one guy there, he was real tall, and he had xxx paint all over him, he looked like a mummy, and he told us how much it cost him, it was an enormous amount, but he was so good-looking. You meet all kinds of people. There were a lot of kids there that were on dope, and it was sad to see. You could tell, they were sort of listless. Then we were driving home, to go back to someplace, and Michael Jackson’s limousine passed us. He’s weird. He was a cute little kid.

Who is that black female singer, that does a lot of kicking with her feet when she sings? Tina Turner. I think she is cute. I’m so glad she got rid of that husband. I guess she’s done quite well for herself. I think the last time I heard about her, she lives in France, has a villa or something. And she’s still cute! Still vivacious. Lord, she must have had a miserable life with that husband.

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Maybe we should all get Grama a Tina Turner box set for her birthday.

Posted by: Elizabeth on January 2, 2003 03:46 PM