Dean Martin's dad was Kitty Lou's Barber

"Remember when" stories of the family

From an oral interview, Jan. 2002:

Did you know that Dean Martin’s dad was my barber? He was. When I was a kid, in Steubenville. He gave me a personality haircut, a windblown bob. Last name was Crichetti (sp?), I can’t remember his first name; I know it wasn’t Dean. Dean’s real name wasn’t Dean either, it was Dino. But when I worked in Columbus [Ohio], Dean Martin was at a nightclub there. I went to see him. He was a good singer. He didn’t know me and I didn’t know him. When he was with Jerry Lewis, that first got him into popularity. They were together for quite a long time, then broke up and went their separate ways. Eliz.: Did you like Jerry Lewis? Not particularly. I thought he was—I don’t like him today!

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