December 07, 2005


Last Friday night, Ashley and I were driving to W.F. to meet Kevin at Circuit City and to eat dinner at Golden Corral. I was on I-44 in W.F. and had just begun a lane change when I hit something extremely hard with my passenger, front tire. My just reward was an immediate flat tire and I proceeded to pull over to the shoulder of the highway. I got out to inspect the damage. My tire had a hole in the sidewall the size of a dime and a good size gash in the rim. So, not only did I have a tire loss, but I also needed a new wheel. :(

I also noticed there was another vehicle about 50 feet in front of me with their flashers going and another vehicle a quarter of a mile in front of him with his flashers on as well. The occupants of both vehicles were walking towards me.
At this time a police car had stopped in the lane where the mishap had taken place and picked up the object off the road. My vehicle including the other two cars had run over a truck ramp. None of us had seen anything in the road. The other vehicles had sustained more damage than mine. They lost both front wheels and tires. I'm surprised there weren't more vehicles pulled over the side of the road with flats, because there was quite a bit of traffic.

But wait, there's more!

About two weeks ago I had purchased two, new front tires with road hazard insurance and found out my tire would be replaced free of charge. I'm thanking myself now for having the insight to purchase insurance that I normally wouldn't buy. At the time I had my flat I didn't even know that I had purchased the additional insurance. I found that out the next day when I called Discount Tires. The only thing left to do was to locate a used wheel, because I wasn't about to purchase a new one from Patterson's Auto Center at the tune of $267.00! Discount Tire located one in Dallas for $160.00.

Here it is Wednesday and I'm on my way to have my tire and wheel changed. Hopefully, I don't have another mishap like this anytime soon. There in nothing worse then having a flat tire on a busy highway at night. Not to mention having a small spare tire to boot.

Posted by Theresa at December 7, 2005 10:38 AM

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