Broccoli-Cauliflower-Bacon Salad

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Crisply fry, firmly press between paper towels, and crumble one pound of bacon. Eliminate as much fat as possible. You can prepare this in advance and refrigerate.

Chop small the flowerettes of one head of cauliflower.
Prepare equal amount of finely chopped broccoli flowers.

Add the following; suit amounts to taste and preference:
cheddar cheese, grated (about a cup, more or less)
finely chopped sweet onion (medium size)
drained, canned mandarin orange slices
1 pkg chopped pecans
finely-cut red bell pepper strips- not much - just for color

one+ cup mayonnaise, to taste
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
one+ tablespoon sugar, to taste

Suggestions for a more heart-healthy preparation:
Use either beef or turkey bacon to reduce the caloric load. Full-strength mayonnaise tastes best, but you can dilute the dressing mixture in order to drain the excess after the primary ingredients have all had a good soak.

Variation: Use purple onion; celery to taste; dried apricots soaked in orange juice instead of mandarin oranges; sour cream instead of mayonnaise. Mince all ingredients mentioned here.

The original version of the recipe that was served at Pat's surprise 60th birthday party in the summer of 2002 did not include the oranges, onion, pecans, or pepper.
[as per Cynthia Sprong Karl, Leah Karl, and Margaret Karl Ferguson, summer 2002]

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