Bulgarian Summer Salad

Family Recipes

tomatoes (about 5), cubed
scallions or green onions (about 2-3), chopped
1-2 cubano pepper, depending on taste
extra-virgin olive oil, 1-2 tablespoons
feta cheese
1/2 to 1 red or yellow bell peppers (optional--they are not in the original recipe but add a nice flavor)

Put tomatoes, scallions/green onions, cubano pepper, and bell pepper (if used) in a bowl; add olive oil (start with 1T and add more as needed) and salt and pepper to taste. Mix ingredients well with a wooden spoon. Add crumbled or grated feta cheese. I think the grated cheese mixes better. Mix together.

If you let it sit a few minutes you will see the juices come together, but you can also dig in immediately. As instructed this dish will be a great dinner. As a side dish it would probably serve 4-5 people.
[as per Meredith Lucio, June 2001]

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