October 30, 2003


Well folks, things are looking up. You may now address me as Seaman Peyton, Bryan J. USNR-R, but I am now also a member of the ranks of the employed. Today I received word that I would be accepted to the staff of Leona's, a popular eatery here in Chicago. I will be working there as a waiter until I go active in the Reserve. After weeks of hot-footing it all over the city, my diligence has finally paid off.
I want to give thanks to Leah on the wonderful entry she wrote about me on her blog :-).

Posted by Bryan at October 30, 2003 02:26 PM | TrackBack

Bryan, that's wonderful news! I'm so glad that things are starting to come together for you. It's great to see you posting to your blog again; even though I haven't laid eyes on you for a long time, you're often in my thoughts and it's wonderful to hear that you are finally getting some advantages in life. Congratulations to you for pulling things together, with the able help of your auntie Leah. She may have provided the encouragement and the information, but it was ultimately your choice what to do with it all.

Posted by: Elizabeth on October 30, 2003 05:11 PM

This is really great news. I know that Leah's words were well founded. Congrats on both the job and the military accomplishment

Posted by: Aunt Rita (yfa) on October 30, 2003 06:58 PM

he he...you said seaman.

Brian, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see you!

Posted by: Favorite Cousin on October 31, 2003 10:28 AM

All the above goes for me as well. I enjoyed talking to you last night and hearing all the news firsthand.

Posted by: Theresa on October 31, 2003 04:26 PM

All is great news! Congratulations. I certainly enjoyed seeing you when I was in Chicago and look forward to seeing you when I return at the end of November.

Posted by: Cynthia on November 1, 2003 07:34 AM

I am proud of you, Brian, for perservering. I know how hard it must have been, day after day, to go out looking for a job. WOW...now you have two! Way to go.

Posted by: Kathleen on November 14, 2003 07:35 AM

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